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Great blog!

I work on the on-call provider add-on scheduling tool oncallscheduler.com. I've been watching all of you piling into the on-call provider market, wondering what's going on. I agree that the best end customer experience is that incident management and on-call should be part of the same product. And the same is true for the oncall scheduling. One UI to learn. One way to authenticate. One REST API to use. One provider relationship. One... And most importantly: super-smooth flow of data across these tied-to-the-hip user scenarios.

I don't think there's an innovator's dilemma situation going on though. Is there really a completely different way to build on-call in the new players, compared to PagerDuty? I don't see anything like the spinning hard drive vs. the solid state disk, or the analog camera vs. digital. This seems more like everybody competing with the same basic approach. I agree that PagerDuty stopped innovating in their core business for a number of years, so there is an opportunity for the new players.

For us at oncallscheduler.com, the result is we'll have to figure out how to expand from PagerDuty/Opsgenie/GrafanaOncall integration, to also build schedule sync for all you new entrants. It'll be fun!

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